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Expanding Kids Collab's holistic approach to Early Childhood Development

Kids Collab is committed to nurturing children through our School Physical Development and Wellbeing Programme with the Gauteng Department of Education. To create a holistic ecosystem, they also focus on home and community environments with initiatives like Play Parks and the Parent PlayBox, implemented across South Africa in partnership with local communities.
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Being of Service and the Need for Self-Care

In the latest post, Neil writes about the opportunity to work with Crisis Text Line and reflects on the concept of being of service to others, and how it requires self-care and self-awareness to avoid creation of unhealthy co-dependencies. Drawing on insights from his book ‘Encounters with Life and Death,’ he explores how true education transformation should begin with creating space for self-care and fostering working conditions that enable people to show up and be of genuine service every day.

Join Neil in this exploration of how prioritizing self-care is essential for providing meaningful service to others.

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Navigating government channels: Our path to piloting a programme with the Gauteng Department of Education

In our recent blog series, we've delved into Kids Collab's journey towards understanding open educational resources (OER), followed by our transition into the social impact space alongside NBA. These significant milestones paved the way for an exciting new chapter: our collaboration on a six-month pilot project with the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE). Today, we're thrilled to share the extraordinary story behind this venture—an unconventional journey that we love to share.
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NBA is committed to improving equitable access, quality, and effectiveness of education in developing countries to create supportive, empowered education systems in which people at all levels see themselves as agents of their own change.

Our services

NBA's services are evidence-based, pragmatic, and cost-effective to enable developing world governments, institutions, and other clients to deliver quality education that is affordable and accessible to learners.

In striving to fulfil our vision, we provide the following core services:

  • Strategic planning and policy advice to inter-governmental organizations, governments, institutions, and development partners in the areas of education and training


  • Development of implementation strategies for educational projects and initiatives of all scales, as well as supporting/managing their implementation where required
  • Development, adaptation, and compilation of teaching and learning materials for curricula, programmes, courses, including print, video, audio, and online multimedia
  • Development of online educational portals using either open-source or proprietary ICT solutions, specializing particularly in content development, management services, and e-learning delivery
  • Qualitative and quantitative research in the education sector, including support in the design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation strategies for educational initiatives of all kinds
  • Specialized advisory and project management services focused on harnessing the concept of Open Education Resources (OER)
  • Developing the capacity of educators to harness technology effectively to design and implement effective educational courses and programmes
  • Design and implementation of effective communications strategies for organizations and initiatives in education and training