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Educational Technology Consulting Support to Ministry of Education, Guyana

NBA is providing ongoing consulting support to the Ministry of Education in Guyana in support of implementation of its ICT Master Plan. This started, though UNESCO, with support in the development of an EMIS Masterplan, with support now being provided beyond that to develop an EMIS Operational Manual and Data Management Framework as OpenEMIS is rolled out by the Community Services Foundation in the country. 

In addition, NBA is supporting the development of various related ICT Frameworks for the education system. These are:

1) An ICT adoption framework for schools, with an accompanying ICT Maturity Index and a focus on a demand-driven approach to institutional ICT adoption.
2) An ICT Competency Standards Framework for teachers.
3) An ICT Digital Competencies Framework for Students, structured around key exit levels for students rather than individual grades.

Finally, NBA has provided the National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD) capacity-building support to develop online courses for teachers in Moodle.

Developing the capacity of educators to harness technology effectively to design and implement effective educational courses and programmes