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Blog Post 1: Kids Collab's Early Strides into Open Education
23 February 2024

Kids Collab's Early Strides into Open Education

Kids Collab is thrilled to invite you on an incredible journey as we share our story in our upcoming blog series: "Reflections on our pathway to Open Education." 📚✨ In our very first post, "Kids Collab's Early Strides into Open Education," we take you back to where it all began – a friendship forged over a love for sports, travel, and, of course, children! From those early days of dreaming big, to conducting research in Melbourne, Australia, we share the ups and downs that paved the way for Kids Collab.
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Flowers of the Drakensberg
28 March 2022

The rock you focus on is the one you crash into

I am not much of a mountain biker, but one thing I learned very early in my few outings on a mountain bike is that the more you focus on the rocks on your trail the more likely you are to crash into them. The alternative is not to ignore them, but to observe them and then identify the pathway around them – focusing your energy and attention on where you want to go rather than what you want to avoid.

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29 April 2021

TVET and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced TVET sectors to accelerate the response to embrace the skill demands of the 4IR. New technologies and platforms are emerging to enhance the work-based learning, but infrastructure, skills development and support remain key to optimise the benefits of new technologies.
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29 April 2021

The Growth of Artificial Intelligence in Africa – On diversity and representation

As the world ushers in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) –  which is characterized by increasingly blurred lines between the digital, biological, and physical worlds (Ndung’u and Signé) – technologists are coming to grips with the opportunities of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, and the Internet of Things. These and other emerging technologies offer exciting possibilities; in theory, they might allow us to galvanize unprecedented socio-economic change and democratise access to services such as the internet, education, and healthcare. 

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