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Kids Collab's Early Strides into Open Education

Kids Collab is thrilled to invite you on an incredible journey as we share our story in our upcoming blog series: "Reflections on our pathway to Open Education." 📚✨ In our very first post, "Kids Collab's Early Strides into Open Education," we take you back to where it all began – a friendship forged over a love for sports, travel, and, of course, children! From those early days of dreaming big, to conducting research in Melbourne, Australia, we share the ups and downs that paved the way for Kids Collab.
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Policy Complexity and the Case for Openness in Education Systems

Despite the best policy efforts, education systems have often been characterized by closed knowledge systems, narrow conceptions of success and achievement, and a failure to fully empower teachers as facilitators of learning. Our recently published paper argues that, although these issues may have multiple causes, a critical problem is that many education systems are inhibited by complex policy environments that inadvertently encumber meaningful learning and generate educational closure.
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African Librarians Support the UNESCO OER Recommendation

In August 2023, the African Library and Information Associations and Institutions and Neil Butcher & Associates (NBA) co-published an Overview for African Librarians on the UNESCO OER Recommendation and Open Knowledge. A William and Flora Hewlett Foundation grant to NBA funded the research and writing entailed in producing the Overview.
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Researching Open Educational Resource (OER) policies

Well-designed and implemented national policy is an indispensable tool for creating and sustaining vibrant Open Educational Resource (OER) ecosystems and promoting OER adoption. A new report by NBA provides insight into the current global OER policy landscape, tracking the prevalence of national OER policy development and implementation.
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World Read Aloud Day 2023

With an estimated 70% of 10-year-olds unable to understand a simple written text, days like World Read Aloud Day take on extra significance, given how important reading aloud is in a child’s early literacy development.

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