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Celebrating OERth Week

WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET) and OER specialists are highlighting OER efforts taking place in a variety of locations and spaces here on Earth. Neil Butcher made a presentation on our work with UNESCO's ICT Competence Framework for Teachers. Join NBA, OER Africa, and WCET in celebrating OERth Week. Let us know what you are doing to promote OER to make education more achievable and equitable worldwide.

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AfLIA partners with NBA for early literacy development project

African Library and Information Associations and Institutions (AfLIA) has signed an agreement with NBA to develop a course on early literacy development. The course will train public and community librarians in eighteen (18) African countries to understand and practice techniques for teaching children vocabulary development, print and phonemic awareness in mother tongue and English.
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Storybooks by and for children: The experience of Soma Book Café in facilitating children’s creativity

Soma Book Cafe in Dar es Salaam is a readership promotion space and innovative co-creation hub for literary expression and multimedia storytelling approaches. It provides different arenas for literary expression and discourse; promotes reading for pleasure and encourages independent pursuit of knowledge. Soma, which means read or learn in Kiswahili, is an apt name for an organization that strongly encourages both.

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