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OER Policy Case Studies: The Seychelles

National Open Educational Resource (OER) policies – or other national policies that contain OER provisions – are an increasingly popular tool being used to mainstream OER development and use. However, recent research suggests a dearth of information on the development and implementation of such policies, and knowledge gaps in the successes and challenges associated with doing so. Documenting such processes across different country contexts is key to bridging the knowledge gap between OER policy conceptualisation and implementation.

A recently published case study outlines the OER policy development process for the Seychelles’ Information Communications Technology (ICT) in Education and Training Policy (2014-2019) and the subsequent ICT in Education and Training Policy (2022-2027). Both projects were initiated and supported by the Commonwealth of Learning. The Seychelles Ministry of Education and Andrew Moore, in his capacity as an independent consultant, were also integral stakeholders in both policy development processes.

After outlining the processes followed for these projects, the case study provides insights into the successes, challenges, and lessons learned.

Access the full case study here