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Monitoring and evaluation support for the Anzisha Prize

NBA supported the Anzisha Prize programme of the African Leadership Academy (ALA) to run their monitoring and evaluation processes and to conduct ad hoc research on specific issues as identified by Anzisha (2018-2021). The Anzisha Prize is a partnership between ALA and Mastercard Foundation. It runs a series of programmes and events and provide on-going support to build entrepreneurial activity of young people in Africa aged 15 to 22 years. 

NBA’s work with Anzisha has included, amongst others, assistance with the writing of a theory of change, developing a results framework against which Anzisha’s progress is measured, setting up on-going monitoring systems, designing and building a Management Information System (MIS), data collection and analysis and reporting. 

NBA also provided management support for research that Anzisha commissioned from across the African continent, played a lead role in the conceptualisation and writing of the Anzisha Scenario, conducted background research on behaviour change communications, policy research to map out the policy environment for very young entrepreneurs across Africa, and research to assist Anzisha to identify key moments of behaviour change for very young entrepreneurs. 

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