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Technical development of the ADEA Learning and Knowledge Management Hub

NBA has developed an online Learning and Knowledge Management platform to function as a gateway to a broad range of tools that enable countries and stakeholders to address issues related to educational policy making and on-the-ground implementation. 

The ADEA Learning and Knowledge Management Hub main functions are:

  • Manage, classify, and disseminate ADEA’s knowledge products;
  • Build the capacity of key users of those knowledge products to ensure that evidence-based solutions are integrated into a country’s education strategies and policies;
  • Facilitate engagement and collaboration between ADEA members and partners in the region and beyond, in exchanging knowledge and learning; and
  • Support the strengthening of capacity of the ADEA workforce though peer learning between and among ADEA member countries and internal and external partners.

The Hub connects national, regional, and global platforms and networks to create a central access point for sharing and promoting the analysis, dissemination, and accessibility of proven best practices and knowledge products on education and training in Africa.

Harnessing the use of open-source and proprietary ICT systems to develop online portals, specialising particularly in content development and management services