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William & Flora Hewlett Foundation/COL Open Education Resources for Open Schools: Final Evaluation: Main Report

The project has been developed for a range of stakeholders including the funder, the COL project team, the country consultants and the teachers.Specifically, for the funder, the report provides an analysis of the project’s overall achievement in terms of the main objectives of the study.

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A Government Policy Development Template to Progress Effective Implementation of Open Educational Resources (OER)

The concept of OER has emerged as having great potential to support educational transformation, given its principle of the right to education by all. It is considered a worthwhile option, particularly in the context of spiralling education costs and the need to make education more accessible, affordable and useable.
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Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Professional Development Strategy for Teachers in Guyana: A Case Study. COL, Commonwealth Secretariat

The Guyana case study demonstrates that ICT can be used effectively as a catalyst for educational change. The potential benefits that can be derived from embracing ICT tools and content (in the form of OER) are significant and can enhance teaching and learning, administration and communication.
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Rwandan Collaborative Model for Educator Capacity Building

Collaboration between the Rwandan government, the University of Rwanda, and local industry to develop and deploy educator technology-integration professional development initiatives neatly follows the Triple Helix Model[1]. However, in this Rwandan initiative a fourth collaborative partner proved significant, the regional/global education community coordinated by UNESCO’s Regional Office for Eastern Africa.

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