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Chapter 2 - A Profile of Higher Education in the Region

The role of higher education as an enabler of development has gained increasing prominence, particularly in the context of the knowledge society and the growing importance of learning, information and technology in economic performance. In order to reach the goals of the SADC Protocol and to release the potential of higher education in the region, decision-makers require current, relevant, accurate and comparable information on the state of higher education. This information enables them to better understand the nature and form of regional higher education systems, to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges, and to plan accordingly. Yet, at present, no comprehensive picture of higher education across the SADC region exists. For this reason, a meeting of SADC education ministers in Kasane, Botswana, in 2006 emphasised the need for a regional baseline study on higher education. After consultation with the SADC leadership, SARUA was tasked with conducting this study. The study population included the ministries of education (MoEs) in each of the 14 SADC countries and the 64 public universities in the region that were the subjects of this study.

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