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Supporting UNESCO update and promote the adoption of the ICT Competency Framework for Teachers (CFT)

In 2013, NBA was contracted by UNESCO to support the development and review of the national ICT strategies of Kenya, Indonesia and Oman for the use of the UNESCO ICT CFT harnessing OER. NBA was also required to support the development of national implementation strategies, including ensuring that other CFT activities being undertaken in those countries are incorporated into the country’s implementation strategy, and to undertake peer review of the course materials, assessment instruments and related tools developed as a component of the national implementation strategies.

NBA is working with UNESCO to support the ICT Competency Framework for Teachers (CFT) Network of Champions. In 2017 NBA was contracted by UNESCO to research how the UNESCO ICT CFT had been used by different governments and educational institutions around the world and within different language groups. The following year NBA lead a team of UNESCO-appointed education experts revise and update the framework to reflect recent trends in educational technology. (Access the latest ICT CFT here). 

NBA also maintains the ICT CFT hub on OER Commons, a repository of openly licensed teacher training materials aligned to the competencies described in the ICT CFT. Currently, NBA is coordinating the activities of a community of practice who support the use of the framework and the open licensed materials and provide guidance to governments and educational institutions who show an interest in using the ICT CFT and its resources.

Most recently NBA has been supporting UNESCO with national implementation, particularly in Ghana, Nigeria and Turkey

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