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PIECCE’s Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) tutorial

NBA developed a multimedia rich tutorial on being and becoming an early years teacher for Project for Inclusive Early Childhood Care and Education (PIECCE). The tutorial used images, animations and video to tutor educators on the importance of using different types of reflection as part of their studies.

The ‘Being and Becoming’ tutorial can be accessed here.

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Technical Assistance to Conduct Introductory and Provincial Open Learning Workshops for TVET Colleges and Universities

Neil Butcher has been contracted by European Consulting for Developing Countries (ECFDC) to build the knowledge and understanding of TVET staff in the extent and range of Open Learning approaches, Open Educational Resources, and the use of multi-media and materials development processes (Electronic, Online, Open Learning). 

The specific objective of the assignment is to provide technical assistance to DHET staff in the Directorate: Career Development and Open Learning in: 

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Anzisha Prize

NBA is contracted to the Anzisha Prize programme of the African Leadership Academy (ALA) to run their monitoring and evaluation processes and to conduct ad hoc research on specific issues as identified by Anzisha (2018-2020). The Anzisha Prize is a partnership between ALA and Mastercard Foundation. It runs a series of programmes and events and provide on-going support to build entrepreneurial activity of young people in Africa aged 15 to 22 years.

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The Hewlett Foundation Open Licensing and Early Literacy Research Grant

NBA currently has a grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation to explore both the potential for open licensing to enhance the availability of mother‐tongue early literacy reading resources in the global South and the attendant risks. Through an earlier Hewlett Foundation grant, research covered the impact of open licensing on the early literacy ecosystem, emerging innovations, and the implications for content creation, publishing, and use of reading materials in developing countries, primarily in Africa.

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