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The impacts of interactive smartboards on learning achievement in Senegalese primary schools, 3ie Grantee Final Report

Though much progress has been made, the current level of educational achievement in many developing countries remains low. One proposed solution for improving the quality of education is the use of technology. However, the empirical evidence regarding the success of technology interventions, including interactive smartboards, at improving student outcomes is mixed. Project Sankoré creates a digital classroom through the introduction of simple interactive whiteboard equipment consisting of an interactive whiteboard, a computer, a data projector, and digital resources. We evaluate the impacts of the Sankoré equipment in grades 1 and 2 of primary school in Senegal; our population of interest. The primary research hypothesis is to test whether the introduction of the project Sankoré kits have an impact on student learning as measured by test scores in French, mathematics, and education for life sciences and for life in society (ESVS). We further investigate heterogeneous treatment effects of the project by the gender of the student, by grade, and by the location of the school.

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