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OER Africa Project Implementation Support

NBA has been integrally involved in Saide’s OER Africa initiative as a core project partner. Since 2008, OER Africa’s mission has been to establish dynamic networks of African OER practitioners by sensitizing and connecting like-minded educators – teachers, academics, trainers, and policy makers – to develop, share, and adapt OER to meet the education needs of African societies. By creating and sustaining networks of collaboration – face-to-face and online – OER Africa supports African educators and learners to harness the power of OER. In turn, they can develop their capacity and join emerging global OER networks as active participants who showcase Africa’s intellectual property, rather than passive consumers of knowledge produced elsewhere. 

This work has involved numerous collaborations with universities across Africa, engagement with key IGOs like UNESCO and the Commonwealth of Learning, extensive research on OER, and establishment of OER Africa as a global thought leader in the OER space. In the current grant, OER Africa is undertaking collaborative work to develop the professional competences and skills of stakeholders within African higher education institutions so that they can implement OER practices to improve the quality of teaching and learning. 

NBA has led the development of short, concise learning pathways providing users with the skills to use open content. The learning pathways were used as part of a research project to improve ongoing professional development for higher education educators. They covered issues such as finding, evaluating and adapting open content, devising appropriate learning designs and publishing research within Open Access journals. 

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