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Evaluation of the Foundation Phase Initiative (FPI) for the LEGO Foundation

The LEGO Foundation has contracted NBA as a research partner to conduct evaluation research for the Foundation Phase Initiative (FPI). The FPI is a partnership between the Department of Education (DBE), UNESCO, Care for Education (CfE) and the LEGO Foundation. The programme is focused on equipping Foundation Phase teachers to use play-based learning and manipulatives (Six Bricks) in their classrooms. Our evaluation work to date has included a large scale survey of teachers who have been trained in Gauteng, Free State and Eastern Cape, teacher interviews and lesson observations. At present the project is focused on an exciting quasi-experimental study being implemented in the Sekhukhune East district of the Limpopo province. This research involves all Foundation Phase teachers working in 50 schools in the district. A highlight has been the opportunity to work with a large and experienced fieldwork team, NBA has conducted online surveys, school visits, training observations and interviews. This research is due to be completed in early 2023. 

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