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Call for African graduates/emerging African researchers to join NBA’s research team

NBA is recruiting African graduates, preferably alumni of Mastercard Foundation programs, to join our research team responsible for evaluating the Baobab platform. 

We are looking to recruit:

The evaluation design is premised on the active involvement of emerging African researchers.

NBA has been contracted by Arizona State University (ASU), through funding from the Mastercard Foundation, to ‘Conduct and manage the monitoring, evaluation, research and learning activities for Baobab’. Baobab is a social, professional, and learning community developed by ASU and the Mastercard Foundation specifically for young African leaders and the larger network of Mastercard Foundation program participants and alumni.

Interested applicants should email Cathy MacDonald ( a CV and cover letter explaining their interest in the research and eligibility for the position. Three contactable references should be provided on the CV.

Applications should be submitted before 10 September 2021.