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Creative Commons: Attribution Share Alike 4.0

Guidelines on open and distance learning for youth and adult literacy

The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) and the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) have published Guidelines on open and distance learning for youth and adult literacy to support literacy providers around the world in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating their open and distance learning-based (ODL) literacy programmes.

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Chapter 5 - Caribbean Open Textbooks Initiative

This chapter considers both the role that Open Educational Resources (OER) can play in supporting school-level pedagogical transformation, and the policy approaches to initiate transformation in public school systems. Focusing on the context of Antigua & Barbuda, the chapter recognises that, for change to be effective, it needs to be driven at the systemic level, as this ultimately directs most public school systems’ operations.

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Chapter 12 - Considerations in Costing ODL and ICTs in TVET

With many TVET systems in the developing world now considering the adoption of ODL and ICTs because of the promised cost efficiencies, it is important to examine the costing of these new educational and training practices. Given the dearth of resources focusing specifically on costing ODL in TVET, this chapter focuses more generally on costs in the use of ODL and ICTs and extrapolates these findings to the TVET context. This chapter explores the costs of ODL and how to avoid the ramifications of weak financial planning.

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