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Study on Public-Private Partnerships in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Education

The idea of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) has generated growing interest from governments around the world as a possible mechanism for developing and sustaining public infrastructure and services. For example, PPPs were identified at the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development as significant tools for achieving global sustainable development. Many governments are turning to the private sector for the financing, design, construction and operation of infrastructure projects. Initially limited to a few countries and infrastructure sectors, PPPs are emerging as an important procurement option for governments to close the infrastructure gap.

Such findings provide an opportunity to explore PPPs in ICT for education. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) believes that, in the education sector, ICT for education is a development area that can provide increasing opportunities for the design and implementation of well-defined, structured and productive PPPs. Traditional models of providing for education and training can no longer meet the demand, opening up opportunities for PPPs at both the national and transnational levels.

It is within this context that the ADB commissioned a study on PPPs supporting ICT interventions in education. The results of the study are presented in this report.

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Vis Naidoo
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