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Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Professional Development Strategy for Teachers in Guyana: A Case Study. COL, Commonwealth Secretariat

The Guyana case study demonstrates that ICT can be used effectively as a catalyst for educational change. The potential benefits that can be derived from embracing ICT tools and content (in the form of OER) are significant and can enhance teaching and learning, administration and communication. The Guyana Ministry of Education was farsighted in its realisation that at the core of this transformation was not the technology itself but rather the people who would be expected to use it. These people can be found at all levels within the education sector: the Ministry of Education, agencies, teacher training institutions and the schools themselves. Consequently, Guyana has built a professional development strategy that meets the needs of all its education stakeholders. The partnership between the Ministry of Education, Commonwealth Secretariat, Commonwealth of Learning and Microsoft has been instrumental in the successful implementation of the UNESCO ICT CFT in Guyana to date.

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