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Exploring the Business Case for Open Educational Resources

In today’s knowledge society, knowledge and skills play a major role in reducing poverty and promoting growth. The future of countries is increasingly dependent on the knowledge, skills, and resourcefulness of their people. Education is of vital importance in the knowledge society, as a source of basic skills, a foundation for development of new knowledge and innovation, and an engine for socio-economic development. It is, therefore, a critical requirement in creating knowledge societies that can stimulate development, economic growth, and prosperity (Butcher, 2010). This has resulted in educational institutions around the world striving to satisfy an ever-increasing demand for education in response to a growing and urgent need to train, retrain, and continuously refresh the knowledge and skills of each nation’s workforce in an increasingly globalised knowledge economy. Whilst systems worldwide have expanded significantly in making progress towards basic education for all (EFA) and achieving universal primary education, countries continue to face challenges of expanding access to education, improving quality, and ensuring equity, particularly in higher education.

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