Research for the African Union Commission

Working with the African Union Commission, NBA conducted desktop research on harmonisation of higher education programmes across Africa. We also prepared, disseminated and analysed questionnaires sent to key stakeholders to obtain their views on harmonisation of higher education programmes. The results of the research informed the development of a Strategy for Harmonization of Higher Education Programmes in Africa for the African Union, which was promoted and discussed through NBA’s coordination of the AU Harmonisation Discussion List. Following this research and advocacy project, NBA was further involved in developing an African Higher Education Quality Rating System for the AU to support the development of institutional cultures of quality and commitment to quality. In addition, it aims to ensure that performance of higher education institutions (HEIs) can be compared against a standard set of criteria, to foster comparability among qualifications, improve the quality of delivery in HEIs, enable Africa to compete more effectively at a global level, provide a means of identifying Centres of Excellence, and determine leading universities in running the AU Scholarship Scheme. Furthermore, NBA also conducted the Midterm Evaluation of the Second Decade of Education for Africa, 2006-2015 for the AU.