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Technical Assistance to Conduct Introductory and Provincial Open Learning Workshops for TVET Colleges and Universities

Neil Butcher has been contracted by European Consulting for Developing Countries (ECFDC) to build the knowledge and understanding of TVET staff in the extent and range of Open Learning approaches, Open Educational Resources, and the use of multi-media and materials development processes (Electronic, Online, Open Learning). 

The specific objective of the assignment is to provide technical assistance to DHET staff in the Directorate: Career Development and Open Learning in: 

  • Building knowledge and understanding of the extent and range of open learning approaches, open educational resources, the use of multi-media and materials development processes (electronic, online, open learning), and introducing new developments and practices in the development of electronic, online, open learning materials; 
  • Developing a materials development model for the Department to adopt; 
  • Assisting the Department in setting up a unit for materials development; and 
  • Working with Department curriculum officials, open learning management team, materials developers, media experts, and instructional designers in developing an open learning materials development workflow for the Department. 
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