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Produce Digital Teaching and Learning Resources (Courseware) for Mathematics and Science

NBA is currently adapting current open learning educational resources to produce digital teaching and learning resources (Courseware) for Mathematics and Science (Vocational) for the South African Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). For this project, the DHET has decided to develop open and self-facilitated text-based materials for the National Certificate (Vocational) programmes in Mathematics and Physical Science at Levels 2–4. This project is principally an open textbook design and development project that will culminate in the publication of learning materials in various formats that support maximum dissemination, access, use and educational impact as well as their reuse and adaptation by others. However, this project is also, importantly, a capacity development initiative to build the capacity of a group of existing TVET lectures in the processes involved in creating new, high-quality OERs through the reuse and adaptation of exiting open materials. 

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