Partnership for Higher Education (PHEA) Educational Technology Initiative (ETI)

The Partnership for Higher Education (PHEA) Educational Technology Initiative (ETI) was a large-scale African university e-learning support initiative funded by a consortium of American foundations and managed by the South African Institute for Distance Education (Saide). The strategic objectives of the project were to:
• Support teaching and learning initiatives that integrate educational technology; 
• Promote collaborative knowledge creation and dissemination; 
• Get core institutional systems to work so that they support teaching and learning more directly; and 
• Research and report on educational technology activity in African universities by means of a long-term project. 
The PHEA ETI focused on delivering a model for engaging institutions in the development of effective, integrated educational technology (ET) plans. NBA provided project management support to Saide, assisting seven institutions (Catholic University of Mozambique, Kenyatta University in Kenya, Makerere University in Uganda, University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, the University of Education, Winneba in Ghana, and the Universities of Ibadan and Jos in Nigeria) in implementing the ET plans in the following areas:
• Deployment and stabilization of e-learning platforms, particularly learning management systems, and technical capacity building in their maintenance;
• Producing, piloting and reviewing e-learning courses;
• Building instructional design and technical capacity among course development teams;
• Procuring software applications necessary to produce effective e-learning courses; and
• Supporting research projects to assess the use and impact of e-learning on campus.
NBA also managed a series of inter-institutional activities, including an annual workshop of project participants, a large multi-site research project, development of case studies of best practice in partnership with academics within the institutions, and production of various tools and resources that are being shared through the website for general use.