An Overview of the Existing Technological Infrastructure and Use of ICT in Education in sub-Saharan Africa

Type: Reports/Research Reports
Author: Neil Butcher
Year of Publishing: 2013
Keywords: Distance education, Education, Sub-Saharan Africa, ICT

This report seeks to explore various issues relating to education in sub-Saharan Africa. Of particular interest is how distance education and open learning can be supported by ICT, such that the objectives of education, as noted in the quotation above, might become achievable for the majority of people in Africa (many of whom are now excluded from educational opportunities of any form). The report is based on desk research, including a review of literature and examples of current initiatives using ICTs for education in Sub-Saharan Africa. The report begins with a discussion of the socio-economic context of the continent, including the broad educational context within which any efforts to make use of ICT and/or distance education must function.

The role of ICTs in Africa’s development generally, including the ICT infrastructure currently available, is elaborated. The importance of ICTs for educational provision is discussed and the issues, achievements, and kinds of projects being implemented in primary and secondary education, tertiary education, adult or basic education, and teacher training, are also reviewed. Finally, financial considerations when implementing an ICT-based educational strategy in the African context, are discussed.