National School of Government (NSG)

In this project, which ran from 2014–2015, Neil Butcher was contracted by Particip (a German consulting firm) to provide technical support on mainstreaming e-learning at South Africa's National School of Government (NSG). The specific objective of the project was to ensure quality, credible and relevant learning offered by the NSG with an increased focus on e-learning in order to meet growing learning development needs. The aim of the project is to ensure the quality of e-learning interventions that are rolled out within the NSG quality management framework for curriculum. The process ran over several months, comprising ongoing consultation, interviews, planning workshops and meetings, engagement with service providers, online surveys, and desktop research. During the project, several deliverables were produced, including an approved Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Strategy, a report on an e-learning survey administered to staff, business requirements statements for an Enterprise Content Management System and a Student Information System, an overview of professional development requirements for staff, and revised workflows for mainstreaming e-learning into curriculum development.